We have a range of alpacas available, from cute pets, alpaca guards, young females, proven breeding females, potential stud males and proven stud males.

Some of these alpacas are females we have bred from or ones whose genetics duplicate what we have in our herd.

All our alpacas are use to people and are healthy. We run a bio-security herd under the Australian Alpaca Association's (AAA's) Q-Alpaca Program.

All our animals are registered with the AAA and we supply notes on the animal's history and care with each purchase. Also we are available for advice, no matter how much you pay for your alpaca.

Prices of our alpacas start at $300. Package prices are also available.

Contact us, through our contact page, for information on our current sale stock or to arrange a no obligation visit with us and our alpacas.


Breeding Females

We have a range of proven female breeders and young maidens in white, fawns and browns available.

Please contact us about our current sale stock. Prices range from $500 to $5000.


For guard duty we select animals that have a ‘chase instinct’ and normally train them with our own sheep before making them available for sale.

Prices start at $300.

Please contact us to see what we have available.

Alpacas guarding lambs

Alpacas guarding lambs

Alpacas as goat guards

Alpacas as goat guards